Ice dyeing outcome

In this blog I’m going to share the results of my recent ice dyeing experiments!

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If you want more info, Check out my 2-page PDF which rounds up places in NZ to shop the supplies and has an easy-to-follow 1 page set of instructions for ice dyeing.

A white linen Muna and Broad Waikerie Shirt
Dyed with bubblegum, hot pink, brown rose Procion MX dyes 

In the Ice dye rinsing blog I shared which dye shades I used with each of these fabrics! I loved the look of my Waikerie Shirt so much that I went ahead and dyed my white duvet cover and some matching pillowcases for my bed. I love the results and shared them as a Reel on Instagram!

The colour took really well to my viscose knit fabric (below), but the colour combo itself doesn’t particularly speak to me (totally my own fault)! I might turn this fabric into some summery knit PJs.

You can also see the white seersucker that I dyed above. I love the way that the great texture of the seersucker continues to play on the dye. I wonder about turning this into a really dramatic dress with lots of gathering.

I think my favourite outcome came from dyeing this shirt though. Because it was already constructed, the dye pattern plays across the shirt really seamlessly, and I really like how it obscures the different pattern pieces.

You can see here how the dye continues from the yoke down to the back piece. I enjoy how it looks like I’ve really nailed pattern matching.

I’d love to experiment with some more already-constructed-clothing. Maybe socks, beanies, and some other garments which aren’t in my favourite shades!

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