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It’s that time of year when you’re maybe thinking about stocking-stuffers to buy for yourself.. But maybe you can just send the link to this page to your nearest and dearest and hope they take the hint?

Because of those international shipping delays I keep hearing about, here’s a roundup of things which are mostly from NZ (with a few Aussie shops thrown in) which might make great gifts for makers in your life!

Sewing pencils from Miss Maude (NZ)
Shit (seam ripper) socks from KATM (Aus)

Repair kit in tin from Hawes & Freer (NZ)

This is the kind of kit that I always think (I’ll make myself one and pack it next time I travel, but I never do)!

Seam ripper and awl, double-ended from Miss Maude (NZ)

Hand turned and crafted from reclaimed native timbers of Aotearoa! This is currently sold out, but the native timber pieces here seem to come in and out of stock.

New Zealand Paua Shell Buttons from Wild and Wooly Yarns (NZ)

Snips from Drapers Fabric (NZ)

These Japanese-made snips come with a lifetime warranty. thread them through a long necklace and wear them while you craft and you’ll avoid losing them on your crafting table!

Wrist Pin Cushion from Miss Maude (NZ)
Sewist pin from Grandmother’s Garden (NZ)
You crafty bitch socks from Bolt of Cloth (NZ)
These are my dressy socks socks from Bolt of Cloth (NZ)

KATM tin gift set of labels from Miss Maude (NZ)

Rainbow 9″ scissors from Sew It (NZ)

Pinking Shears (LDH) from A + R Fabrics (Aus)

Rainbow thread snips from Ribbon Rose (NZ)

Is it possible to feel sadness when you’re snipping threads with rainbow snips or scissors?

Hancock’s fabric marker starter set from Sewing Time (NZ)

A few strange additions:

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