Shopping Denim in NZ

If you spotted the Jeans Sewing Pattern Roundup Blog and then thought ‘fine Jess, but where do I get fabric from in NZ?!?’
…. well this blog is for you.

What kind of denim do you want? Your project will inform the weight of the fabric, the stretch (or lack of stretch) of the fabric and also whether or not you can buy narrower selvedge denim.

Shops to start your search

Miss Maude
Always a good place to start your search, Miss Maude always has a lovely curated selection of fabrics, and the denim situation is no different!

Backstreet Bargains
Often the first place I look, especially when I’m hunting for toile fabrics. Backstreet separates their denim offerings into stretch denim and non-stretch denim categories

Fab Fabrics
The Auckland-based Fab Fabrics has frequent sales, with the codes heading out through their email newsletter. At the time of writing they had 40% off denim!

Fabric Box
Want coloured denim? Fabric Box in Auckland have you covered with a large range of 9oz coloured denims (and the usual indigo denim too)

Shops with less selection

The Fabric Store has a small selection of denim fabrics (including Liberty denim), as does Moreland Fabrics. The Fabric Shop in Otara has some excellently cheap selvedge denim, and Nick’s Fabrics has an interesting stretch denim that’s a different colour on each side. Drapers Fabric always stocks selvedge denim, and Revology has 2 lovely Merchant & Mills denims which have a great texture.

Across the ditch?

A+R Fabrics near Melbourne has a great selection of rigid and stretch denims, Maai Designs often has denim and currently has a great range of heavy drill in nice colours. Potter & Co is based in Perth and has a decent selection of denims to choose from.

Gifts for makers

It’s that time of year when you’re maybe thinking about stocking-stuffers to buy for yourself.. But maybe you can just send the link to this page to your nearest and dearest and hope they take the hint?

Because of those international shipping delays I keep hearing about, here’s a roundup of things which are mostly from NZ (with a few Aussie shops thrown in) which might make great gifts for makers in your life!

Sewing pencils from Miss Maude (NZ)
Shit (seam ripper) socks from KATM (Aus)

Repair kit in tin from Hawes & Freer (NZ)

This is the kind of kit that I always think (I’ll make myself one and pack it next time I travel, but I never do)!

Seam ripper and awl, double-ended from Miss Maude (NZ)

Hand turned and crafted from reclaimed native timbers of Aotearoa! This is currently sold out, but the native timber pieces here seem to come in and out of stock.

New Zealand Paua Shell Buttons from Wild and Wooly Yarns (NZ)

Snips from Drapers Fabric (NZ)

These Japanese-made snips come with a lifetime warranty. thread them through a long necklace and wear them while you craft and you’ll avoid losing them on your crafting table!

Wrist Pin Cushion from Miss Maude (NZ)
Sewist pin from Grandmother’s Garden (NZ)
You crafty bitch socks from Bolt of Cloth (NZ)
These are my dressy socks socks from Bolt of Cloth (NZ)

KATM tin gift set of labels from Miss Maude (NZ)

Rainbow 9″ scissors from Sew It (NZ)

Pinking Shears (LDH) from A + R Fabrics (Aus)

Rainbow thread snips from Ribbon Rose (NZ)

Is it possible to feel sadness when you’re snipping threads with rainbow snips or scissors?

Hancock’s fabric marker starter set from Sewing Time (NZ)

A few strange additions:

Fabric shops in Christchurch

Looking for fabric shops in Christchurch? Wanting to know where to find fabric in Christchurch?

Whether you’re a Christchurch local or planning on visiting Christchurch, you might like to check out all the fabric stores that the city has to offer!

Here, I’ve rounded up places in the Christchurch area that you can shop for garment-making fabrics! Have I missed any? Let me know in the comments!

“The Garden at Bougival” by Berthe Morisot

The Fabric Store
Shop 46, The Tannery, 3 Garlands Road, Woolston

The Fabric Store has shops across NZ and Australia, but often you’ll find fabrics that 1 shop has that’s just at that store, so it’s well worth popping in, even if you have one closer-to-home! The remnant section is always full, and there’s always something on sale!

“Villa with Orange Trees, Nice” by Berthe Morisot

If you’re heading to the Tannery

Check out Bolt of Cloth (Marimekko & quilting cottons), Fabric House (mostly upholstery fabrics), and the Wools Yarn and Fibre (which is out the front of the local weavers and spinners guild).

Harald’s Warehouse
47 Birmingham Drive, Middleton

If you need a specific shade of ribbing (mostly poly), fire-proof high-vis fabric, cotton/poly shirtings, lining materials and wool/poly suiting, then Harald’s Fabric is probably for you! They also have upholstery and waterproof fabrics.

Vintage Wonderland
179 Ferry Road, Phillipstown

A vintage store with a great selection of vintage fabrics, threads, trims, buttons and much more!

“The Garden at Bougival” by Berthe Morisot

Fabric Vision
39 Main North Road, Papanui

Has a variety of garment fabrics, and a selection of quilting and upholstery fabrics too. The $3, $6 and $8 special tables never leave at Fabric Vision, though they annoyingly seem to remove the labels which tell you what the fabric is before they make it to the sale tables.

“Villa with Orange Trees, Nice” by Berthe Morisot

Tom’s Emporium
41 Riccarton Road, Riccarton

I lived in Christchurch for 3 years before I managed to make it here, and what I found was oodles of fabric at bargain prices (much of it still labelled from the wholesaler so you knew exactly what it was). Plenty of garment fabrics and notions, and all the brightly coloured fur or poly velvet you would ever need! Also, a large selection of quilting cottons.

“The Garden at Bougival” by Berthe Morisot

Sherazad Silks
10/105 Bamford Street, Woolston

Not somewhere I’ve shopped in-person, but the website seems to suggest that they do allow it. A lovely range of silks, and perfect if you’re planning an outfit for an event.

“Villa with Orange Trees, Nice” by Berthe Morisot

Bernina Christchurch Sewing Centre
580 Colombo Street, Christchurch

In addition to A Lot of quilting supplies and fancy sewing machines, this store has a small selection of garment fabrics.

Big Box Stores

Of course, Christchurch also has Spotlight and Lincraft stores, if that’s what you’re after!

Second-hand & Vintage Stores

Sometimes I’ve found some great fabrics at second-hand stores! Pop ‘second hand shop’ into google maps and see what’s nearby!

2021 Calendars for large-scale organising!

I’ve been looking for the perfect year-at-a-glance wall planner, when it struck me that I can now print my own!

I searched for ‘printable wall calendar A2’ on Etsy, knowing that I could scale it up to the size of an entire A0 sheet.

Below, I’ve rounded up some options in price order. Black & white A0 printing with a comparable amount of lines to a sewing pattern will be $6 per page.

This calendar is $2.60 on Etsy
$3.32NZD on Etsy
$5.49 on Etsy
$9.98 on Etsy
$14.97 on Etsy

$10.37 on Etsy

Other printing ideas

In addition to calendars, my A0 printer can easily print black&white line drawing art for the same price as printing a sewing pattern!

$4.97 on Etsy
$14.97 on Etsy
$13.31 on Etsy
$14.12 on Etsy

If you’d like to print colour, or something with bolder lines or more ink, get in touch to ask for a quote first as my printer might not be the best choice for your print job!

Want to get printing?

Email your PDF pattern files through to to get started. A0 printing is $6 per sheet and A4 from $.15 per page