Pie carrier bag

This pie carrier bag is a simple and quick project which will give you the perfect way to carry tasty treats to a picnic!

Will fit 15″x9″ rectangle dish, a 10″ square dish, a 10″ pie dish, a 10″ wide salad bowl with decently high sides, and a 10″ wide casserole dish with a lid (overall height of 6″)

The recipe

Fabric: Something with strength, structure and easy washing abilities, think canvas, denim, drill, etc.

Yardage: You’ll have leftovers from 1/2 a metre of 150cm wide fabric. This is a good project for scraps.

Cut 1 rectangle ‘Pie Body’ 16.5″ x 32″
Cut 1 rectangle ‘Handle’ 3″ x 36″ (this will be cut in half later to become your 2 handles)


  • On the handle rectangle, press in a 1/4″ on each long side of the handle, and then iron the handles in half, enclosing the raw edges
  • Pinstitch the long edge to enclose the raw seams of the handle , and then cut in 1/2 (that’s your 2 handles)
  • Finish the edges of the Pie Body
  • Press the finished edges of the long sides of the Pie Body under by 3/8″ and of the two short sides by 1″
  • From the wrong side, stitch the long side of the Pie Body to secure your 3/8″ edge.
  • Pin your handles to the short sides of the Pie Body 4″ from each side, sandwiching them under your pressed edge.
  • From the wrong side, sew down the pressed edge of the short side, catching the handles
  • At this point, you could choose to sew a label to the exterior (something you can entirely sew down would be best)
  • From the right side, sew the handles down with an X shape
  • Fold your Pie Body so that the two short edges with handles meet at the centre, pin and press
  • Sew the sides of the Pie Body together, with a 1/4″ SA, stopping just below your topstitch line in the centre (this gives a little bit more wiggle room to get your pie in, if it’s especially big)
  • Add bartacks to each of the 4 corners and 1 each on the edge of the opening (8 in total, check out the line drawing for placement)

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