Sewing Sleepwear

Everyone has different needs with their sleepwear! Some folks like knits, some folks love a classic piped PJ, some folks want a nightgown (if this is you, I feel like you’re in the minority because no patterns turned up, sorry).

Sleepwear is a constant need throughout the year, but I inevitably think more about it as we get closer to Christmas (maybe because I always feel like you should have new and extra-presentable sleepwear for Christmas Day?)!

The Spinifex PJs and Medlow Robe from Muna and Broad

Available in the standard M&B range of 102-162cm bust and 105-182cm hip, these patterns bring ‘classic sleepwear’ and add comfort and functionality for plus-size bodies.

The aptly named Free Pyjamas Pattern from The Assembly Line is available from 80-138cm bust and 91-139cm hip

The Lucy Robe from Make by TFS is available from 79.5-149.5cm bust and 89.5-159.5cm hip and TFS will grade to your size if you fall outside of their size range.

The free Loungewear Set from Peppermint Sewing Magazine is available from 78-123cm bust and 87-132cm hip and can be downloaded in return for your email address on their website.

The Agnes PJs from Paper Theory

Available from 80-142 cm bust and 86-146cm hip, the Agnes come with short and pants-length options.

The Pine Cove Pajamas from Itch to Stitch are available from 79-152.5cm bust and 84-157.5cm hip

These unique PJs have a wrap-front!

Are you more vintage inspired and want more glamour in your home wear? Check out these PDF downloads of vintage loungewear patterns.

The Carolyn Pajama from Closet Core Patterns is available from 79-117cm bust and 84-122cm hip

These traditional-look PJs bring the notched collar, breast pocket and piped details that are synonymous with classic PJs!

The Compose Robe from Love Notions is available from 84-146cm bust and 90-151cm hip

With 2 length options, and an option for a hood, the pattern comes with a bonus hair wrap pattern

Not strictly sleepwear, the Dyadic Eyemask from Sophie Hines upgrades the usual eyemask patterns and gives you something with adjustable elastic!

Also check out the collection of sleepwear from StyleArc!

On the hunt for men?

PJ bottoms from Thread Theory
Knit PJs 2-piece from Sew A Little Seam (free)
Onesie from 5 out of 4 patterns
Unisex PJs bottoms from Wardrobe for Me
Unisex PJs bottoms from PfP (free)
Traditional PJs from Rebecca Page
Matching set of onesies for the family

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