Shackets are back

Shackets are in for winter this year- I don’t make the rules, but it’s definitely official and I’ve stamped my approval on it!

I say shackets are back, but since there’s always so many folks asking ‘what exactly is a shacket’ I think maybe they’re actually in for the first time?

A shacket is a cross between a shirt and a jacket. Not as warm as a coat, they’re generally unlined wool button-up jackets with button plackets and big chest pockets. They come in a variety of length but they’re almost all oversized and feature a drop shoulder.

Shacket shacket

Looking for shacket sewing patterns? Or shirt jacket sewing patterns? Here’s a roundup of some of the shackets which can keep you warm this year!

The Savannah Shacket is a free pattern from Mood Sewciety

The Logan Shacket from StyleArc is available in a variety of print formats- be aware that the patterns aren’t necessarily A0 files from StyleArc unless you purchase the A0 multi-size pattern (which costs more) as they use a 36″ print as their standard size (similar to Europe). I can print these, but they’re priced differently to A0 prints since their length is always variable.

The Shoalhaven Shacket from Muna and Broad is a cross between a shirt and a jacket and is perfect for a cozy wool jacket!

Muna and Broad makes plus size sewing patterns, and will grade patterns up to your size if their current size chart is too small to include you.

I’m 1/2 of Muna and Broad so this is blatant favouritism on my part.

Want more pattern ideas?

The Polina Oversized Shacket from Tint of Mint Patterns

Also check out the:
The Fairmount Shacket from Hey June
Franzi Shacket free pattern
Carter Shacket from Trish Newberry
Shirt Jacket from Coralina Patterns
Adult Shirt Jacket from Peekaboo Patterns
Men’s Shirt Jacket from Clothwork Collective
Ingrid Shacket from Viki Sews

The Bud Shacket from Seamwork is a great price if you have an ongoing Seamwork membership

The Rya Shirt/Coat from Fibremood

Want to get printing?

Email your files through to to get started!

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