Pie carrier bag

This pie carrier bag is a simple and quick project which will give you the perfect way to carry tasty treats to a picnic!

Will fit 15″x9″ rectangle dish, a 10″ square dish, a 10″ pie dish, a 10″ wide salad bowl with decently high sides, and a 10″ wide casserole dish with a lid (overall height of 6″)

Sewing Sleepwear

Everyone has different needs with their sleepwear! Some folks like knits, some folks love a classic piped PJ, some folks want a nightgown (if this is you, I feel like you’re in the minority because no patterns turned up, sorry).

Sleepwear is a constant need throughout the year, but I inevitably think more about it as we get closer to Christmas (maybe because I always feel like you should have new and extra-presentable sleepwear for Christmas Day?)!

My sleepwear preferences

You can see me in my PJs and my robe below, and while the PJs are perfect for me in warmer weather, during the winter I swap the PJs top out for a knit turtleneck to keep my neck warm! Personally, PJs shorts let my thighs touch in bed, which heats me up far too much regardless of what the season is. But, hopefully you’ll find something that meets your requirements below!

The Spinifex PJs and Medlow Robe from Muna and Broad

Available in the standard M&B range of 102-162cm bust and 105-182cm hip, these patterns bring ‘classic sleepwear’ and add comfort and functionality for plus-size bodies.

The aptly named Free Pyjamas Pattern from The Assembly Line is available from 80-138cm bust and 91-139cm hip

The Lucy Robe from Make by TFS is available from 79.5-149.5cm bust and 89.5-159.5cm hip and TFS will grade to your size if you fall outside of their size range.

The free Loungewear Set from Peppermint Sewing Magazine is available from 78-123cm bust and 87-132cm hip and can be downloaded in return for your email address on their website.

The Agnes PJs from Paper Theory

Available from 80-142 cm bust and 86-146cm hip, the Agnes come with short and pants-length options.

The Pine Cove Pajamas from Itch to Stitch are available from 79-152.5cm bust and 84-157.5cm hip

These unique PJs have a wrap-front!

Are you more vintage inspired and want more glamour in your home wear? Check out these PDF downloads of vintage loungewear patterns.

The Carolyn Pajama from Closet Core Patterns is available from 79-117cm bust and 84-122cm hip

These traditional-look PJs bring the notched collar, breast pocket and piped details that are synonymous with classic PJs!

The Compose Robe from Love Notions is available from 84-146cm bust and 90-151cm hip

With 2 length options, and an option for a hood, the pattern comes with a bonus hair wrap pattern

The Gabriela Pajama Suit from DIBY Club is available from 78-160cm bust and 86-170cm hip

If you’re interested in matching onesies for the whole family, check out some of the men’s patterns below!

Not strictly sleepwear, the Dyadic Eyemask from Sophie Hines upgrades the usual eyemask patterns and gives you something with adjustable elastic!

Also check out the collection of sleepwear from StyleArc!

On the hunt for men?

PJ bottoms from Thread Theory
Knit PJs 2-piece from Sew A Little Seam (free)
Onesie from 5 out of 4 patterns
Unisex PJs bottoms from Wardrobe for Me
Unisex PJs bottoms from PfP (free)
Traditional PJs from Rebecca Page
Matching set of onesies for the family

Knit tops for winter layers

“The Garden at Bougival” by Berthe Morisot

The Tarlee T-Shirt from Muna and Broad

This tee comes with crewneck, turtleneck, short-sleeve and long-sleeve options. The curved back-seam makes it great for layering and while the largest size is a 162cm (64″) bust and 182cm (71.5″) hip, M&B will grade up to a larger size at no extra cost.

“Villa with Orange Trees, Nice” by Berthe Morisot

The Concord T-Shirt

This classic tee from Cashmerette comes with multiple cup-size options and is available up to a 157.5cm (62″) bust and 157.5cm (62″) hip

The Hemlock Tee from Grainline Studios

This free pattern is available up to a 142cm (56″) bust and 150cm (59″ hip) in the plus-size pattern which runs from size 14-30

“The Garden at Bougival” by Berthe Morisot

Jennifer Lauren Handmade is a Dunedin-based pattern designer

Check out The Bronte and The Gable knit tops. Gable (left) is available with multiple cup sizes and has been expanded up to a 156.8cm (61.5″) bust and 159.5cm (62.5″) hip.

“Villa with Orange Trees, Nice” by Berthe Morisot

The LB Pullover from Paper Theory

Designed to be made from both knit and woven fabrics, this dropped-shoulder top is available up to a 142cm (56″) bust and 146cm (57.5″) hip

Great for layering under other items that also have a relaxed fit, the Pullover comes with a crewneck and turtleneck option.

“The Garden at Bougival” by Berthe Morisot

The Fog Tee from The Fabric Store

This tee has boatneck, crewneck and a bonus turtleneck too. Available up to a149.5cm (58.7″) bust and 159.5cm (62.8″) hip, TFS will grade out to anyone who isn’t included in their sizes.

“Villa with Orange Trees, Nice” by Berthe Morisot

The Plantain Tee

This free pattern from Deer & Doe is available up to a 116cm (45.5″) bust and (48″) 122cm hip

Free sewing pattern roundup

“The Garden at Bougival” by Berthe Morisot

The Luna Tank from Helen’s Closet

This free tank is available from a 79-142cm (31-56″) bust!

“Villa with Orange Trees, Nice” by Berthe Morisot

The Elemental Skirt from Sew House 7

This simple, free, knit skirt is available from a 86-165cm (34-65″) hip

I’ve made this skirt and the top above this, and blogged about them on my other blog, Broad In The Seams!

The Vera Knit Top

This free pattern from Forget-me-not-patterns is available from 73-123cm (28.5-48.5″) bust

“The Garden at Bougival” by Berthe Morisot

The Sunday V Neck from Friday Pattern Company

This free pattern is genderless and is available from a 97-150cm (34-57″) hip

“Villa with Orange Trees, Nice” by Berthe Morisot

The Loden Sweater from Dressmakers’ Guild

This free sweater pattern is designed with boiled wool in mind and is available from 77-142cm bust and 85-150cm hip

Hemlock Tee

This free tee pattern from Grainline Studios is available from 81-142cm (32-56″) bust

“The Garden at Bougival” by Berthe Morisot

The Pocket Skirt from Peppermint Mag

This free skirt pattern was designed by Tara from Paper Theory and is available from 60-121cm (24-47.5″) waist and 86-146cm (34-57.5″) hip

“Villa with Orange Trees, Nice” by Berthe Morisot

The Jumpsuit from Rational Dress Society

This free pattern comes in a variety of styles and fits in order to cover a lot of bodies and genders.

I’ve had more success using the size charts than using their sizing calculator, but haven’t actually made the jumpsuit yet!

Other free sewing patterns

Jalie has a free roll neck top (like a boxy turtleneck) for women and children

Peppermint Magazine has a large selection of free patterns, many of the recent ones have been designed by pattern designers Elbe Textiles, In The Folds, Paper Theory, etc.

Fibremood has the free Francis top (an elastic cuffed top)

Sie Macht has the free Cass T-Shirt

Sewing for men

Today we’re rounding up sewing patterns for men! Some of the patterns below are free (or pretty close to free), and they’ve been sorted by style (accessories, patterns for woven fabric, underwear, then patterns for knit fabric ).

Do you have some Tried-and-True PDF patterns for men that aren’t listed here? Let us know in the comments!


The Sorrento Bucket Hat from Elbe Textiles is $2 and the profit is donated to charity.

The Desmond Roll Top pack from Taylor Tailor features a zipper pocket on the front for small bits, and two slip-in pockets on the sides. It’s fully-lined, and there’s optional open top pockets on the inside.

Woven Patterns

The Gosling Shirt from Mimi G Style is a slim-fit shirt with great features.

Linen Shirt 128 07/19 from Burda is perfect for Euro-style relaxation (and cuffing your sleeves).

The Cornell Shirt from Elbe Textiles is a gender-free pattern with a drop shoulders and a classic grandpa collar.

The Ilford Jacket from Friday Pattern Company is a gender-free pattern with two length options and sleeve options too.

The Men’s summer pants and shorts pattern from Wardrobe By Me are designed for woven fabric. Make these pull-on pants (elastic waist) from linen for peak summer vibes.

The Reed Trousers from Laela Jeyne Patterns are classic chinos.

The Trigg Shorts from Elbe Textiles are above-the-knee shorts in two lengths. They’ve got an elastic waistband (for comfort), a drawstring, side pockets and a back patch pocket (for stuff).


The Comox Trunks from Thread Theory are form-fitting undies with no center back seam.

If you have different underwear preferences, Jalie patterns also has the Gerald undies and long undies for boys and men.

Woven Boxer Shorts from 5 out of 4 Patterns features a 3-panel back and flat-felled seams, for ultimate comfort.

Knit Patterns

The Men’s Hudson Pants from True Bias has a slightly dropped-crotch and a skinny-ish leg. Comfie enough for lounging, but could also be worn out.

The Sayward Raglan from Thread Theory is a classic raglan tee with long-sleeve and bicep-length sleeve options.

The Abb Tee from DIBY Club is a free sewing pattern for a crewneck t-shirt with long and short sleeve options.

The Men’s Daily Tee from The Wolf and The Tree is available up to a 4XL, or 60″ (152cm) chest

The Westbrook Tee from Mimi G looks like it would be a great scrap-buster with those center-front and center-back seams.

The Arrowsmith Undershirt from Thread Theory is a free pattern that can be worn as an undershirt or as a summer singlet, if that’s your scene.

The Frederic Hoodie from Jalie comes in 27 sizes for boys and men, and has two views- one plain and one for colour-blocking.

The Carmanah Sweater from Thread Theory is a zippered sweater which comes in a couple of views- a half-zip and full zip-through.2

Want to get printing?

Email your PDF pattern files through to Chchsews@gmail.com to get started. A0 printing is $6 per sheet and A4 from $.15 per page

Free patterns for the home!

Free pouf sewing pattern from Closet Core Patterns

This ultimate scrap-buster! Use scraps to make the pouf, and stuff it with scraps too! The pouf is 1 A0 page.

If you’re looking to keep your hands cool, the free Bombazine oven mitt could be for you. I found this pattern was too small for my hand and wrist, so you could enlarging the pattern prior to cutting.

The free Costa Tote pattern from Helen’s Closet is a gorgeously finished bag with multiple views. The Costa tote is 1 A0 page to print.

The Sewing Party, free Wine & Beer Tote

The free serger and and sewing machine cover from Closet Core Patterns

A great use for scraps, that also keeps dust away from your babies! The serger/overlocker and sewing machine covers are 2 A0 pages.

The free Apertio Pouch pattern from Blogless Anna is a next-step above simple pouches many of us will have made.

The Harvest Apron is a free half-apron pattern from the NZ-based Jennifer Lauren Handmade.

For a full-coverage apron (if you’re not busty), checkout this free Apron pattern from Spoonflower.

If you’re looking for a mini-apron, Spoonflower also has a free smock pattern for children.

The free Cargo Duffle Bag from Noodlehead requires absolutely no printing at all!

This free ironing board cover pattern is from See Kate Sew. Personally, I know my ironing board is in a hideous state, and I definitely have enough fabric in my stash to give it a makeover!

And finally, a Tailor’s Ham is pretty sewing-specific homeware, and although they are great you can get away without having one. If the time is nigh for you to ‘ham it up’, check out this free pattern from Jennifer Lauren Handmade.

Want to get printing?

Email your PDF pattern files through to Chchsews@gmail.com to get started. A0 printing is $6 per sheet and A4 from $.15 per page