Wine tote

This wine tote is a simple and quick project which will give you the perfect way to carry a drinkie to a picnic in the park.

It’s intended to be the perfect size for a wine bottle and some other essentials, but you could take anything wine bottle size (including two wine-bottle-length sticks of salami)!

Below, I’ve mapped out a way that you can construct a wine tote for yourself. However, you can also convert a ChCh sews pie carrier bag into a wine tote (I know, right!?)! You’ll basically construct the pie carrier, then start the wine tote instructions from the 3rd last step!

I didn’t have any wine, but I did have these two big beers, which both fit into the wine pocket. This is my Pie Carrier converted into a Wine Tote!

Pattern pieces

Cut 1x rectangle Wine Body 32″ x 16″
Cut 1x rectangle Handle 3″ x 36″ (this will be cut in half later to become your 2 handles)

On the large rectangles, mark notches:
5″ in from each side on the short side (this is where the handles will go)

  • Press in a 1/4″ SA on each long side of the Handle, and then iron the handles in half, enclosing the raw edges
  • Pinstitch the edge to close the Handle, and then cut in half (that’s your 2 handles)
  • Finish the edges of the Wine Body
  • Press the finished edges of the long sides of the Wine Body under by 3/8″ and of the two short sides by 1″
  • From the wrong side, stitch the long side of the Wine Body to secure your 3/8″ edge.
  • Pin your handles, with the inside of each handle starting 5″ away from each end (so the outside edge of the strap will be 3.75″ away from the edge), you’ll sandwich these under the folded edge. Press down.
  • From the wrong side, sew down the pressed edge of the short side of the Wine Body, ensuring you catch the handles
  • From the right side, pinstitch the handles to the top edge and then sew a cool X on the straps to secure them
  • This is also the point to add a label, either on the outside somewhere conspicuous or on what will become your inside
  • Fold 1/4 of the Wine Body up, pinstitching along the edges to enclose this side of the bag
  • Then you’re going to sew two topstitch lines 5″ from each side to create 3 pockets
  • Fold 1/4 of the other end of the bag up, sew along the edges to enclose this side of the bag. This is the part of the bag where your wine bottle will go.
  • Add bar tacks at the top of each bit you’ve sewn up the edges and at the top of the trio of pockets (and at the bottom too). For security.

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